This call for consultancy services comes In cadre of the project “Innovative Demonstration on Sustainable Integrated Management of Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Use in North West Bank - Palestine”Contract No: ENI/2016/383-173 funded by European Union and implemented by Agricultural Development Association ‘PARC” in cooperation with Birzeit University, the Institute of Environmental and Water Studies (IEWS), and EcoSan club –Okologische Konzepte fur Das Stoffmanagement in Siedlungen.

The aim of this consultancy is to provide PARC with required consultancy engineering services (detailed design, bills of quantities, technical specifications, and engineering drawings)  needed for publishing tender for the construction of sewer lines (wastewater collection system) in Anin village.

 Anin is has no sewage water facilities except the cesspits as a traditional way of dealing with the wastewater problems. Investigation there has shown that the great majority of these cesspits have failed and require regular emptying which causes a real headache and financial burden to villagers. Therefore, the above mentioned project will help solving the wastewater related problems there.

I.2 Objectives and Required Consulting Services

The Objectives of these consulting services are:


Detailed design for approximately 9 km of sewage collection system for Anin, the design shall include detailed calculations, preparing of specifications.


To prepare a detailed bills of quantities valid for tendering including all items (cut & fill, pipes length and type, manhole types and specifications,..etc).


To prepare detailed drawings and engineering plans for all the works and supplies valid for tendering.