This project responds to the calls for improved gender mainstreaming in the Palestinian water sector, with a focus on the practice-oriented, applied research projects of the PADUCO programme. The five Integrated Research Projects (IRPs), which are currently being implemented within the scope of PADUCO-2, cover different localities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and adopt different scientific perspectives. Improving gender mainstreaming in these projects will demonstrate the added-value of gender-sensitive water research. Accordingly, the specific research objectives of the project are identified as follows:


To monitor and evaluate the five IRPs of PADUCO-2 in terms of the integration of gender mainstreaming in their design, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) phases.


To draw lessons and make recommendations for improving gender mainstreaming in the broader Palestinian water sector, with specific reference to the focus areas of the PADUCO-2 projects.


To improve the capacity of Palestinian practitioners and researchers on integrating gender mainstreaming throughout all phases of water projects.