The Institute of Environmental and Water Studies organizes a webinar on World Ozone Day

The Institute of Environmental and Water Studies - Birzeit University, in cooperation with the Environmental Quality Authority, organized a symposium on World Ozone Day via the Zoom platform on 9/16/2020

Representatives of government agencies from Palestine, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia participated in the symposium. Among the attendees were academics and professionals specializing in the fields of water, sanitation, solid waste services, air pollution and climate change.

Speakers addressed in the meeting, Dr. Ayman Abu Zahir (Environmental Quality Authority), and Dr. Nidal Mahmoud (Birzeit University) and Khaled Kalali (Regional Network for West Asian Countries), in their speeches; The national political and sovereign dimension in international environmental agreements, experiences of regional networks and national focal points in Palestine, the role of education, environmental awareness and education in universities and its relationship to environmental protection, including the ozone layer.

The symposium concluded the importance of strengthening the focus of environmental education, education and awareness, with a focus on encouraging applied research in the field of air pollution, including emissions of carbon oxides, sulfur, nitrogen, and ozone, and networking between government, civil and private sector work with universities, to implement environmental protection policies and implement Related Strategies.


Those interested can obtain an electronic copy of the video and audio recording of the course by contacting an email:

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - 17:00