Name of the Student : Suhad Taweel
Name of the supervisor/s :

Dr. Hani H. Nigim

Dr. Ziad Mimi

Title of the thesis :

Improvements on the Performance of Locally Constructed Pumps

Abstract :  

In this research, a comparison between the performance of two impellers manufactured locally and that of the original one which was manufactured in England was the main objective. The reasons that affected the performance of the local impellers have been discussed and suggestions to improve the qualities of local impellers and the performance have been given.

The results of this study show that The best efficiency point (BEP) is 66.2% for standard impeller (A), 48.4% for impeller manufactured in Nablus (C) and 46.2% for impeller manufactured in Gaza (B). By improving surface finish of the locally build pumps impeller (B) efficiency increased by 13%, while impeller (C) efficiency increased by 12%. The maximum available head for the improved impellers is greater than the old one by 9% and 1% for B and C respectively. Also there is an increase by 2.5% for B and 4.3% for C in the operating point. The improved roughness coefficient for (B) is calculated to be 0.9 the original, while for C is calculated to be 0.8 the original.