Name of the Student : Rana Qemari
Name of the supervisor/s :

Dr. Ziad Mimi

Title of the thesis :

The Effectiveness of Water Education in Water Conservation

Abstract :  

Palestine, as part of mid-eastern counties suffers from limited and vulnerable water resources. Water supplies were developed to met demand; however, this practice has led to mismanagement of water resources. A high degree of management needed to ensure that water is protected and efficiently used.

Increasing attention is being given these days to educate children and youth on water related topics through water conservation campaigns> Education can help rise the next generation with knowledge and attitudes that promote the wise use of water.

The main objective of this thesis was to choose appropriate education techniques and resources for best water management programs, through evaluating the water and environmental material. Moreover to create along term water efficiency ethics and to promote public awareness issues at the level of individual users.

A book about water was used as educational material for 270 students who were involved in this study. A pre and post study questionnaire was used to asses the cognitive effectiveness of the educational material on the knowledge, attitude and practice of the involved students.

The results of the study showed that an improvement was shown to all KAP variables after one study year. Water education, using water book successfully and significantly affected the knowledge, attitude and practice of students by the end of study year. Moreover results achieved regarding correlation between three variables is significant, when the knowledge of the students increased so their attitude toward water saving became more positive, and easily move to action. Finally it could be said that we need to introduce water education to school curriculum in Palestine which considered as part of solving our water shortage problem.