Name of the Student : Nimer Ibrahim
Name of the supervisor/s :

Dr. Rashed Al-Sa'ed

Title of the thesis :

Development of An Integrated UASB Biofilter System For Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Abstract :  


The objectives of this thesis were to develop and trial more efficient and alternative wastewater treatment systems with sustainable and cost-effective disposal options with minimal maintenance, using the latest in innovation and the best available technology.

In this thesis the first 5 months of monitoring undertaken between September 2005 and February 2006 are presented. The UASB reactor had a volume of 780 liters, being operated at an average hydraulic retention time (HRT) of 2days. The trickling filters had a useful volume of 550and 320 liters. These different operational conditions characterized three research phases. Both reactors were fed with domestic sewage pumped directly from the main interceptor of Albireh wastewater treatment plant.

This work presents the results of the monitoring of a pilot-scale plant comprising of an UASB reactor followed by an two stage biofilter system , treating actual municipal wastewater from Albireh city in west bank. The plant was intensively monitored and operated for the period divided into three different phases, working with constant and variable inflows. The plant showed good COD removal, with efficiencies ranging from 45% to 60% for the UASB reactor, from 50% to 70% for the attached growth system only and from 80% to 87% for the overall system. The final effluent suspended solids concentration was low, with averages ranging from 63 to 400 mg/l in the typical phases of the research.

The integrated UASB-biofilter effluent The results showed that the system is quite effective in removing organic pollutants. Based on the results obtained from this research study, the integrated UASB -biofilter system offered practical advantages compared to conventional septic tanks through its small size , biogas collection and utilization, and elimination of odor problems.

The UASB/biofilter system is a very promising alternative for the treatment of domestic sewage in West Bank and other developing countries, since the system can be designed with very short hydraulic retention times, resulting in a very compact and low cost treatment unit.