Name of the Student : Nancy Rumman
Name of the supervisor/s :

Dr. Ziad Mimi (chairman)
Dr. Marwan Ghanem (member)
Dr. Hani Qassen (member)

Title of the thesis :

groundwater pollution control to bridge supply/ demand gap: northern districts as a case study.

Abstract :  

Pollution is a major challenge in controlling the gap between available water resources and demand. The northern districts of the west bank and subsequently the tulkarem district are identified in order to study the extent of pollution in a region that already suffers from a considerable gab between water supply and demand. Pollution in these areas will place the available water resources at a major risk and therefore will substantially increase the gap between supply and demand.

Studying the extent of pollutions in the groundwater systems of the study area will help control the water supply/demand gap.

The study area reflects high recharge rates to the aquifersm mature karstic nature of these aquifers, and hence uncontrolled sewage disposal mean that water supply boreholes in this area are at high risk of contamination from pollution. This study presents a preliminary assessment of the effect of raw sewage on the aquifer system in the wadi zeimar area in the northern west bank. This study identified pollution sources, develop a pollution model for sewage effluent of wadi zeimar and identified the most sensitive areas to groundwater pollution. Furthermore, this research provides additional emphasis on the supply/demand gab so that the negative impacts of pollution are better understood.

Modeling the movement of pollutions from sources in the study area showed that continuous disposal of war sewage into wadi zeimar may significantly increase the levels of nitrates and chloride above WHO standards, which is a major pollution threat. The results of this study show that most of the study areas is sensitive to pollution and therefore and on the long run no raw wastewater should be discharged into wadi zeimarr. Therefore, it is recommended that wastewater treatment facilities should be applied to the raw sewage before it is dumped into the wadi.