Name of the Student : Manal F. Shkoukani
Name of the supervisor/s : Dr. Rashed Al-Sa'ed
Title of the thesis :

Development of an Environmental Management System Using Cleaner Production in Palestinian Dairy Industries

Abstract :  

This research has been carried out to evaluate the current environmental status of the Palestinian dairy industries. The opportunities and measures to reduce and prevent environmental pollution caused by dairy industries were determined.

Data from 14 Palestinian dairy industries were collected during the past three months. Many field visits to dairy industries in different locations in West Bank have been carried out. All processes and activities in these plants have been monitored. Pollution sources in every process and activity have been identified. Check list and guidelines for cleaner production designed by United Nation Environmental Program (UNEP) have been used for this purpose.

All collected data and compiled information were analyzed and evaluated using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences SPSS and Microsoft Office Excel.

The obtained results showed that Palestinian dairy industries consume large amount of resources. They consume 29,530 ton of raw milk annually, 120 ton of cleaning materials and 125,700 m3 of water. Cleaning processes consume 83% of water consumption and it is discharged to the sewer system without any treatment.

The Palestinian dairy industries produce annually 149,000 ton of wastewater with high biological organic load almost 8900 mg/l. It’s caused because of the spilled of 560 ton of milk, and 38,000 ton of whey. Whey produced from labneh and cheese processing and discharged in to the sewer system which causes negative impacts on the environment.

The research shows that the consumption of raw materials, water and energy can be reduced through practicing cleaner production in dairy industries. The opportunities to reduce the consumption of water, raw milk, energy, cleaning material have been identified.

The conclusion of this research shows that’s to protect the environment, save resources, reduce the production cost, the human factor should be considered. Technological changes to increase efficiency should be done. The environmental regulations and law should be applied.