Name of the Student : Manal Ahmad Ali
Name of the supervisor/s :

Dr. Rashed Al-sa’ed

Title of the thesis :

Assessment of UASB Technology as a pre-treatment Stage for Domestic Wastewater.

Abstract :  

Recent implementation of the UASB Pilot scale and full scale plants have produced very encouraging results which show its feasibility as a pre-treatment for black and domestic wastewaters. The economic advantages it offers, further encourages developing countries to become self- sufficient in this respect. In theis research, the start- up of the UASB-septic tank system and its monitoring during this period) from 13/2 to 12/7/2001) was the main objective. Although the system functioned as batch during the beginning and only briefly was operated as a continuous reactor, the results obtained demonstrated that these systems are quite effective in removing organic pollutants. Thus the removal of the organic pollutants was mainly due to bio-physical process, which is sedimentation of the particles and its microbial degradation. Although, the microbial activity was yet slow it contributed to the total DOD removal efficiency. The CODtotal removal attained was approximately 80% in which the removal of CODss, CODdis was 91%, 71% and 43% respectively.

The UASB effluent has a good transparency, which will facilitate the successive applied treatment since the photosynthesis and pH increase will instigate carbon dioxide consumption, accelerating the death rate of the pathogens and opening the possibility of reducing nutrients: Nitrogen by desorption of gaseous NH3 and phosphorous by phosphate precipitation.

The practical advantages the UASB-septic tank system offers, such as its relatively small size, the capture and use of the biogas, and elimination of odour problems make this system neighbor friendly. Furthermore, its ease of operation encourages not only decentralized use but can also be applied in densely populated areas.