Name of the Student : Majed Al- Sari
Name of the supervisor/s :

Dr. Issam Al- Khatib

Title of the thesis :

Behavioral and Attitudes Factors in Construction Waste Management in the Southern West Bank of Palestine

Abstract :  

By the beginning of taking steps toward solid waste management in Palestine in general, and the south of the West Bank, the largest populated area, in particular, it is an important issue to start focusing on construction waste (CW) for the purpose of integrity in the waste management, taking into account that attitudes and behavior are corner stones in the construction waste management (CWM), and their understanding can contribute to solving many waste management problems. This study focuses on behavioral and attitudes factors, challenges in the CWM and possibilities of development. For this purpose, a structured questionnaire was used for data collection from the local contractors who are classified under the category of buildings construction. The findings showed that contractor size (classification), following waste reduction practices, and number of unskilled labors, are significant factors explaining contractors' attitudes toward waste management; while following waste reduction practices, perception of CW environmental impacts, number of skilled and unskilled labors, and training of field supervisors are significant factors affecting contractors' behavior regarding waste management. The study showed that lack of proper landfills is the main challenging problem in CWM. Also it is concluded that future development in this concern is possible as contractors have the willingness to pay for improvements in waste collection and disposal services; but it needs strong legislation framework. And finally, the study recommends upgrading the current legislations to create integrated and comprehensive CWM system.