Name of the Student : Kamal Zorba
Name of the supervisor/s : Dr. Jamil Harb
Dr. Ziad Mimi
Title of the thesis :

Improving the Quality of Green Bell Peppers Irrigated with Saline Water through the Adoption of Environment Friendly Techniques

Abstract :  

Sweet green bell peppers (Capsicum annum) cv. 'Vally', were picked from two farms in Jericho, irrigated with different water salinity. The first farm irrigated with low slightly water (EC= 0.49 dS m-1), whereas the second irrigated with slightly saline water (EC= 2.535 dS m-1). Within 24 hours from picking, fruits were subjected to various treatments, including sulphur treatments, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), ethanol fumigation, hot water treatments, and fumigation with 1-MCP, either separately or combined. Fruits were monitored over a period of 30 days, and assessed every 10 days for various quality parameters. Fruit appearance as the major quality parameter was evaluated, among other parameters, by panelist. In this study, it was possible to store fruits for few weeks at 7 °C with good quality and high persuasion for market, using modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technique, in combination with suitable envelopes type such as GA70 (70 µm in thickness). Moreover, using 1-MCP and hot water treatment (HWT) also gave good results; fruits with proper quality was registered with those irrigated with slightly saline water, and treated with 1-MCP. However, extending the storage period for 30 days seems to be difficult, although 1-MCP treatment is promising upon further optimization of this treatment. On the other hand, treating fruits with either sulphur or ethanol resulted in severe injuries to fruits. Accordingly, it is recommend to use the plastic film GA70 for short-term storage period (10 days) at 7 °C, while for longer storage period (20 days), 1-MCP combined with MAP is highly recommended. However, results showed that a storage period longer than 20 days is not recommended.