Name of the Student : Imad Zeer
Name of the supervisor/s :

Dr. Issam A. Al- Khatib

Title of the thesis :

Assessment of Treated Wastewater Reuse for Irrigation in Hebron City

Abstract :  

Palestine and the neighboring Middle East countries suffer from severe shortage of water. The problem of water scarcity has governed life in Palestine since long time Population growth, the rise in the living standards, and accelerated urbanization threaten the water supply sector in general, and agriculture in particular, and lead to both a sharp increase in water consumption and rapid pollution of water resources.

According to forecasts, the demand for public water supply in the future will rise. The domestic and industrial consumption will decrease the volume of fresh water available for agriculture, a situation that calls for the development of new water resources. one such resource, reclaimed wastewater, is highly recommended for irrigation of agricultural crop since it increases the available fresh water and prevents pollution. The aim of this study is to investigate reuse of treated wastewater for irrigation in the Hebron city, and to examine the feasibility of using this technology as an additional water supply source for agricultural purposes.

Available chemical and biological characteristics of the wastewater are evaluated for agricultural use. Water demand for irrigation purpose is determined. The volume of raw wastewater and treated effluent are estimated

The results of wastewater quality analysis show that wastewater in the Hebron city so highly concentrated. But still, it may be concluded that irrigation with raw wastewater is suitable for agriculture if it is properly collected and treated. The date obtained from socio-economic survey show that the areas, which can be irrigated with, treated wastewater in the city for year 2015 is about (18250)donum. The economic feasibility of reusing the treated wastewater indicated that the project is economically feasible and it will solve the environmental problems in the studied area.