Name of the Student : Ayesh Salahat
Name of the supervisor/s :

Dr. Issam A. Al- Khatib

Title of the thesis :

Evaluation of the Municipal Water Supply Systems in the West Bank Statistical Analysis and Identification of the Influencing Factors

Abstract :  

The preliminary design of any waterworks project requires determining the water demand, unaccounted for water, and a cost estimate study. In most of the cases, the present consumption is already known, but the encountered problem is to estimate the water demand for long periods ahead. This involves an analysis of the factors that may effect the water consumption and the water unaccounted-for by using statistical methods.

The main parts discussed in this study are statistical analysis of the main factors influencing the water consumption, and the water unaccounted-for. First, a literature review was carried out for the practiced municipality’s staffs and water distribution institutions at West Bank, to help in evaluating the current situation of the water distribution systems. A questionnaire form was applied to the main municipalities in the West Bank in order to collect necessary data related to the water consumption, unaccounted-for. Afterward, statistical analysis was attained for the collected data to construct the relationships between the water consumption, unaccounted for water and the independent variables. Economic cost estimate relationships are predicted for the most important elements in the distribution systems in the West Bank.

The results of this study show the total community water consumption is highly related with the total number of served houses whilst the surveyed per capita water consumption was 721/c.d. Furthermore, the average surveyed unaccounted for water which is highly related to the total number of service meters was found to be 33% or 0.59 m3/ These results are helpful to the West Bank municipalities and waterworks organizations in determining their future water demands, and unaccounted for water if some or at least one related independent variable is known. On the other hand, it furnishes the high unaccounted for water municipalities with some valuable suggestions to reduce that percentage.