Name of the Student : Adel Al- Salaymeh
Name of the supervisor/s : Dr. Issam Al-Khatib
Title of the thesis :

Assessment of Drinking Water Quality of Cisterns in Hebron City.

Abstract :  

The water quality of 100 cisterns in Hebron city- Palestine was studied through the period from December, 2007 till April, 2008. Water samples were collected directly from cisterns in two sterile glass bottles and tested for physical parameters (electrical conductivity, salinity, total dissolved substances, pH, temperature and turbidity), chemical parameters (alkalinity, chloride, total hardness, calcium, magnesium, ammonia and nitrate), microbiological parameters ( total coliform(TC) and faecal coliform(FC)). All the results of physical parameters are within the acceptable limits of WHO, EPA and Palestinian standards except turbidity which exceed these limits in 24 % of the cases. The percentage of contamination of total coliform and faecal coliform was 95%, 57%, respectively. The chemical parameters exceed the standards by different percentages (calcium 47%, magnesium 32%), other parameters give results below the maximum contaminant levels.

Sources of pollution of these cisterns were studied also by a questionnaire answered by the owner of the cistern. The rainwater is the source of contamination of cistern's water with both total and faecal coliform, the municipal water is the source of high hardness of the cistern's water, mixing between these two sources counter act the effect of each other. The presence of cesspits regardless of their level and distance from the cisterns has no statistically significant effect on the degree of contamination with both total and faecal coliform. The municipal sewerage flood weather it occurs in summer or winter and its frequency has no statistically significant effect on the degree of contamination.

No statistically significant relation between presence of animals at home, presence of trees around the cistern and degree of contamination with both TC and FC.