This study entitled “Assessment of municipal solid waste management in Jenin district”. It covers the issue from three aspects. Which are examine the current municipal solid waste management practices, Assess levels of services provided by municipalities for solid waste management and awareness of citizens, finally assess the environmental impacts of Zahrat Alfenjan sanitary landfill.

About 99% of the population in Jenin district is located within areas that have a solid waste collection system. There is a relationship between residence location (city, towns, villages and camp) and frequency of garbage collection, cleaning of streets. Joint serves council gets the highest percentage of solid waste service provider 86%, local councils 12%, and the other local councils 2%. Amount of solid waste fee is15 NIS/month. According to method of collecting the fee, 86.8% of people pay solid waste fee with electricity invoice, 6.3% with water invoice, 4.4% do not pay, 2.2% separately, and 0.3% have no service. The most used containers’ volume is 1m³, its number (3470). The most vehicles used are compacting truck, its number (29).

The average of quantity of daily solid waste is 13000 Kg/locality/day. 34540 Kg/day is the Max quantity of daily solid waste from the city of Jenin, Min quantity of daily solid waste is 28 Kg from Zububa. The average daily quantity of solid waste from houses in Jenin district (3-4) Kg. The average waste generation per capita in Jenin city is (0.8) kg/capita/day.

Zahrat Alfenjan landfill receives around 700 tons/day, 200 tons out of the 700 tons only enter separation unit. Zahrat Alfenjan landfill operators separate cartoons, papers and plastic from


waste. Regarding environmental side there is pollution in the surrounding air in Zahrat Alfenjan landfill.

It is recommended, that there are a need to establish a monitoring and data base system for the solid waste sector, contains physical and chemical characteristics of waste to identify the better future collection and disposal alternatives. Public should be environmentally educated.