Enlarge Structure

 The IEWS is managed by a Director (appointed by the University President), Financial and Administrative Coordinator, Laboratory Technician, and a Secretary. The Institute’s new organizational structure is composed of IEWS council, External Advisory Board, and Students’ Representative Committee.

  • The IEWS Council comprises 8 academic staff from IEWS and BZU’s Faculties of Engineering and Science, specializing in a multitude of water, wastewater, and environmental subjects.
  • The External Advisory Board represents the major policy making institutions relating the water and environmental sectors in Palestine to strengthen the linkages between research and academia with decision-making and to determine the activities that can meet the local needs.
  • The Students’ Representative Committee was formed from a large pool of enrolled students and Alumni to help the Institute in improving the quality and impact of its services.

Within its new structure, the IEWS services cover five major areas: education, training and capacity building, research and development, advisory and consultancy, and community outreach.